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Head-On Industries
Head-On Industries a.k.a. [H.O.I.] is a well-established privately owned company managed by a handful of close-knit professionals located in South Africa, Southeast Europe, United States and Asia to name a few extensions. Providing a professional, enthusiastic, and very effective team that are always geared to focus on solutions which guarantee our business partners and clients prompt effective results. Being a unique, dynamic, and fast-growing international company established in South Africa we offer services with the understanding to provide customized solutions for the global demand and expectations.
From our South African based Head Quarters and established international footprint, we focus on solutions that range from infrastructure setup, rental equipment that provide static and mobile machinery needed for construction and mining projects that guarantee availability, affordability, and prompt back up service to eliminate any possible delay with your workflow. Head On Industries (H.O.I.) have a great influence within the mining and construction sector which secure a 99% hit ratio on required solutions within the field which include, development, management, infrastructure, planning, buying, and selling of various commodities globally. H.O.I. also have established itself within the medical retail industry through one of its brands being www.HolistiqueNaturelle.co.za providing various supplements, remedies and natural products which include herbal, CBD, and broad-spectrum compound solutions within the global healthcare industry. Head On Industries provide and partake in various development opportunity for likeminded individuals and companies to grow their worth within as well as together with the H.O.I. space which qualify a greater opportunity and expansion within the services we offer. We are proud to create growth within the sports development sector from partnerships, stake holding with existing clubs as well as help with new up and coming ideas that motivate the welfare of the clubs, partners and fans alike. H.O.I. strive to better current less fortunate spaces that need support with food and shelter ex; animal shelters, orphanages, poor communities, etc.
H.O.I. provide turnkey solutions from negotiation level all the way to closing deals successfully, providing you sound expert advice and professional service at the right time, place and price. With humble beginnings we have expanded our footprint over the past few decades ranging from assistant mine management by means of rental equipment and trading various commodities internationally, servicing the construction industry with material and required rental equipment, promoting and facilitating investment opportunities from medical facilities to sports development with international partners, securing financial instruments for verified projects, import and export options for various applications, providing aid for less fortunate communities with development and humanitarian projects, just to name a few. On approval H.O.I. will provide the respective client i.e., partners the freedom to run each project with surety, ease and confidence eliminating disruptions. We commit ourselves to assist in various approaches that include sound advice, professional support whilst assisting our partners and clients on the ground to grow their ideas, secure transactions that always exceed their expectations! The service list further below on this page offered by H.O.I. will ensure timeous optimum delivery at international trade standards.
Our main values and core aim is to sustain the wellbeing and success of our partners, clients and affiliates alike. Head On Industries will always respect, treasure, and continue to welcome the standing relationships of the Ambassadors, Doctors, Attorneys, Corporate Business Executives, Private investors, Company owners and friendships that’s been developed throughout the last 20years which have led our success to great heights globally and we continue to do so. All this said, we look forward to every opportunity, idea and piece of advice that come our way for the best interest of you as our partner, client, and affiliate.
Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning and Management, Head-On Industries
who we are

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself Hugo Griessel on behalf of our Company and turn key services we provide.

Short Introduction of where Head On Industries started
Year 2007
What triggered my Idea to start our Company was my early involvement within the opencast mining industry as a book keeper and led to gain overhead experience within the infrastructure of a mine. Over the first few years my Direct Mine Manager left for bigger opportunity from South Africa to work in UAE back in 2007. This gave me the opportunity to invest my time on planning and managing the privately owned Mining company at that stage. I proved myself to the board of Directors and was appointed new Mine Manager over the site. Later that year 2007 I started a concept that I named Head On Industries, which included services rendered to the mines across Southern parts of Africa. Our services was in high demand and just kept growing from a small time Company into a more settled Company that also led to more opportunity within the market.
Year 2017
After years of studying the market and need within our borders as well as international the landscapes of experience led me over the years to structure a point of consistent growth that changed In 2017 with my partner from Bulgaria Operations Director Zariana Todorova Griessel. We decided to focus on bigger spaces and invested all our energy into reaching out into other areas of global opportunity. Our Company Head On Industries (Pty) Ltd. have been growing very fast which opened many doors. We currently provide services to big Companies such as Glencore Group, Scribante Africa Mining, Metallux Group, Harmony Group, Anglo, South 32 and many more reputable Companies within the mining sector.
We have created various growth opportunity for the communities less fortunate to take part in our company, whereby we provide new ideas financially and backup support within our company including training and development.
Year 2019
We have focused to reach out into wider market segments that brought more offshore opportunities to our doorstep. We have penetrated into a safer environmental footprint that help with ecological sustainability within our industry. Our demand to service various Mining elements (above and underground), Land, Air and Sea solutions, Environmental Friendly approach to Projects with turn key sustainable solutions arranged to fit each request individually. We strategically assist with inland and coastline projects such as Top Line Drilling and Reverse Circulation Drilling. Over the last few years we have partnered with inhouse specialists in engineering and mechanical backup support for on and off site downtime prevention. Our inhouse network team supply only the highest quality of expertise, support, service, customer care and equipment to handle the highest level of projects demanded from us. We are established within the National Treasury of South Africa and are proud to be a leader in service delivery locally as well as abroad.
YEAR 2020 – present
Head On Industries assist global clients and partners with their projects and being a leading source for investment opportunities, trade, and development projects. We are strategically placed being very effective to supply solutions on demand including Land, Air and Sea catered by H.O.I. at a professional level. Head On Industries will continue as a leader that can be counted on in the market. Our team consist of highly experienced experts in dedicated fields which include trading of various mined and farmed resources made available through Head On Industries, providing earthmoving, lifting, drilling, exploration and measuring equipment, related infrastructure needed for the construction, mining, cultural sport and wellfare segments that are required for efficient workflow, supplying advanced safety applications for safer working conditions, assisting with planning of projects resulting in on time production that meet required deadlines. Throughout the covid season, H.O.I. made a point to keep its operation and service delivery protected by strategizing throughout the global lockdowns. With this said all our exports and international deals was severely delayed between 2019 up to 2021, due to restrictions at ports (sea and air) It is now mid-2022 and we have made it. The lockdown did lead to various raids and looting in South Africa caused by rebels throughout the country forcing Head On Industries to step in and help clean the mess that’s been left behind, providing removal of rubble, repairing of damaged buildings and infrastructure, etc. Moving to the international development in Europe between Western and Eastern countries placed emphasis on Head On Industries allowing our position in the market to deliver effective aid and solutions. We have been fortunate as a leading service provider to assist with the supply of various resources through our established and alternative trade routes that include the trading of coal, iron ore, raw materials, wood, food, oils, various equipment, and supportive aid to the countries effected by the conflict in Europe. H.O.I. will continue to accommodate our partners and clients’ needs locally and abroad with mentioned services in the list below to secure credibility, expanding our network and drive to be the number one go to solution-based organization that promise greatness with every individual and company we work with. The only way to test what Head On Industries is capable of, is to ask us for a solution purely based on your requirements at hand!



Our Services
We provide rentals, plant hire options relevant to Construction, Mining, Earthmoving, Lifting Equipment, Trenching Equipment.
Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning & Management

Machine Hire

Small Size Plant
Medium Size Plant
Big Size Plant
Mobile Mining Equipment
Lifting Equipment
Drilling Equipment
Agricultural Equipment
Road Work Equipment


Trenchers (cabling and pipelines)
Skidsteers/Bobcats (with attachments)
Mini-TLBs (with attachments)
T.L.B. (with attachments)
Impact Rollers 21t Impact (3 and 5 side)
Front End Loaders
Tipper Trucks
Articulated Dump Trucks (A.D.T.)
Rigid Dump Trucks (R.D.T.)
Water Tankers
Lowbed Transport with permits (abnormal)
Cranes (Mobile)
Drill Rigs


Mini Excavators (with attachments)
Excavators (Hydraulic Hammers)
Bull- Dozers (D6, D8, D9, D10, D11)
Push-Pull Scrapers (bulk top soil stripping)
Mobile Crushers (Jaw, Cone, Impact)
Mobile Screens
Drill Rigs

Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning & Management

Transport Hire

Machinery Transit


Crushers (Jaw, Cone, Impact)
Vibrating Screens
Fuel Tanks
Water Tanks
Oil Tanks
Control Towers




Registered import and exporter


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Hazard and Warning Safety Systems
Dust Suppression


EQUIPMENT SALES – Mining and Earthmoving
EQUIPMENT PARTS – Mining and Earthmoving
Cash and Finance options available

Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning & Management

Project planning and management

Site Clearing
Earth Moving
Mining and Rehabilitation
Agricultural Maintenance and Farming
Building and Construction


Site Camp Erection and Management
Barriers and Fencing
On-site Armed Security


Cleaning Chemicals


Staff transport
Staff Accommodation


Office Cleaning
Warehouse Cleaning
Mobile Fleet Car wash
Yellow Plant and Fleet Valet Services

Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning & Management


Membership Reward Program
Membership Office Space available
Membership Legal services
Membership V.I.P. reward offers
Club Corporate events
Monthly news letter
Membership meetings
Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning & Management


Project Finance options available
Flagship Brand Management
Self-Sustainable AGRI Infrastructures and Development, Training.
Mining and AGRI Investment Opportunity (Portfolio Management)
Legal Support
Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning & Management


Medical and Pharmaceutical supplies (EU-GMP Approved)
Medical Consumables and Disposal assistance
Global Supply of Turnkey Manufacturing Plants (EU-GMP Standards)
Global Medical supplies and distributions (EU-GMP)
Staff and Infrastructure Training and Setup (European Standard)
Our services are specifically structured according to need and requirements of our Investors, customers, partners Private and Corporate.
Our Footprint
  • Efficient and ethical management of all our resources and our stakeholder relationships.
  • Being a good and responsible Corporate Citizen Globally.
  • Respond to community needs and build sustainable social capital.
  • Mobilize and strengthen sustainable relationships with clients and other stakeholders to ensure broader and more meaningful impact in our environment.
  • Develop a strong human capital and skills pool environment.
  • Mobilize and develop a local supply chain base relevant to business requirements.
  • Other Services we offer
    Earthmoving Equipment and Material Handling Service

  • We assist in basic and bulk site clearing, bulk earthworks, cutting, filling and compaction work. (Contact us for pricing)
  • We provide crushing and screening of demolition rubble and re-produce G4 and G5 for compaction purposes. Gauteng Province Only (Contact for pricing)
  • We have various Earthmoving Equipment available for hire should you have any projects where our assistance is needed on rental side. Dust Suppression
  • We provide Dust suppression solutions, Water Bowsers and management thereof as per Health and Safety requirements set out on your site. Load and Haul Equipment and Service
  • We have various sized tipper trucks and dumper trucks should you need to transport bulk materials to and from site.
  • Front End Loaders, Excavators, Skid-steers and T.L.B’s available to load and handle materials from trenching all the way through to stockpile management.
  • Machine Hire, Transport Hire, Project Planning and Management, Head-On Industries
    Contact us
    Tel/Fax: 012 329 1350
    Mobile: 076 460 7707 | 082 539 3195

    Email: hugo@headonindustries.co.za | operations@headonindustries.co.za
    Adress: Riviera, Pretoria, 0186, Gauteng, South Africa